THE MAU MAU CAVE

mau mau cave

The Mau Mau Caves at the foothills of Mt Kenya open out to a beautiful waterfall and pass-through rocks on Burguret River. Once shielded by a dense forest cover, these caves near Nanyuki are well known for their historical significance. During the Emergency period between 1952 and 1960, the Mau Mau Freedom fighters used these caves for storing supplies and as a hideout from colonial forces.


The 9 km hike from Bantu Lodge goes over a dirt road through the forest on the foothills of Mt Kenya. The forest cover in this area is sadly sparse due to over-exploitation. However it still provides a pleasant walk through wild bushes and relatively short indigenous trees teeming with baboons, birds among other wildlife. Footprints and animal droppings attest to the presence of hyenas, elephants, buffalo’s  and other wildlife in this forest. When you get to the caves, a swaying footbridge over the river takes you to the shallow cave, mostly made up of a large rock overhanging a large sheltered space. Directly across the caves is the pass through rocks on the river, with the cascading waterfalls directly behind. A short climb to the side takes you to the top of the waterfalls, with magnificent views of rapids preceding the waterfall.


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