Giant anteater


Very furry, cuddly and cute, the giant anteater is found in Central and South America. The huge animals, feeding on ants and termites, vulnerable to becoming an endangered species, as they are poached because of their fur, and also for the bush meat. It is a good thing that they are armed with the tendency to turn all deadly in self-defense, a big size, and most importantly, powerful and sharp claws. All these combined gives the giant anteater the capability to maul and disembowel a human in just a single swipe.



The tiny and lovable hedgehogs, which curl into a ball, or simply look at you with an everlasting smile on their face, have bodies covered with spikes. The little animal might just give you a prick with its spines if it is threatened. By nature, it isn’t a very social animal, and to pet it, one needs to make sure that it is socialized from a very early age. The spines, however, are not as dangerous as those of a porcupine. It may roll tight, with its spines pointing in all directions. It may even attack the predator by ramming into with the spines, or biting it. Their spines are not naturally poisonous, but, they lick their quills with tongues to cover a scented froth which, according to some scientists, is a ritual which makes the spikes a source of infection, and later, poison. They are also believed to carry salmonella.

                           Poison dart frog


Though the very name of the animal is suggestive of its venomous nature, the appearance of it is most beguiling. Found in Central and South America, the frog is quite small, and is covered by arbitrary patterns of conspicuous colours. But, be wary: these colours are the signs that it is extremely poisonous. They secrete one of the most dangerous alkaloid toxins through their skin as a defense against predators. The different species show varying levels of toxicity, such that some can simply discourage predators while other can kill up to twenty humans. However, the chemicals derived from the skin of the frog has medicinal properties

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