The migration of wildbeasts once in every year into kenya in company of other animals like  the Zebras Eland and Impala is something that attracts lots of  tourists into the country.

Wildebeest migration animal facts African photo safari Masai mara safari wildebeest migration Masai mara national park Kenya safaris in Africa amazing beautiful wildebeest animal photosTheir movement is quite predictable.Their migration is thought to be aimed at achieving quality food and water.They move from Serengeti National park in Tanzania to Maasai Mara National park in Kenya.Once they get to Maasai Mara they don’t stay together but  spread out, and you can find them on different locations of the park to fulfill their mission of finding greener pastures.

Wildebeest_Running_In_River_In_The_Serengeti_Tanzania_Africa_600                            At the period when they are around one can spot them creating a beautiful scene while crossing river Mara.As time moves by they will be spotted moving towards western Loliondo and Serengeti’s southern part Lobo. In October,they start migrating from Kenya to Tanzania and the same thing happens the next year.wildebeests-jumping-kenya_28400_990x742As this happens many of us will be heading to Maasai Mara to witness the most anticipated wonder of the world.

This activity has made  Maasai Mara gain popularity both locally and internationally  attracting tourists thus making massive profits.