Is Nigeria the King of Africa?


In the recent past there have been some writings that Nigeria has overtaken South Africa as the largest economy in Africa. The claims are that, the economy has nearly doubled with a clear jump of 89%. It’s amazing that the giant country was not factoring the “Nollywood” films (in likeness of Hollywood) and telecommunications in their GDP calculations. . I just wondered how a sober government would not include a whopping $600 million economy from film and also said to employ more than one million people. The film industry is said to be the second largest employer after Agriculture. Now you know why the 89% jump.

Lagos fountain

Did I find out where is tourism in all this? Nigerian Tourism?
Wait a minute! Ms. Sally Mbanefo the Director – General of The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) on Wednesday 9th April in Abuja, said lack of data had made it tough to determine the actual contribution of the sector to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Products (GDP). There is a need to validate the tourist inflows verses outflows.  Nigerian Tourism? It could be the king in terms of GDP but still has a long way as far as tourism is concerned.

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What can I do in Nigeria? What can I see in Lagos? Nigeria Tours ?
A visit to this “Niger” city of Lagos can afford you the views of the Tafawa Balewa Square, National Museum, Lekki Conservation centre and many more. Though considered by many to be insecure and cull of conmen, Lagos is relatively safe and like any other city in the world taking care of yourself is highly recommended as well as your belongings.
Tafawa Belewa Square is on Lagos Island was named after Nigeria’s first prime minister, and is Lagos’ commercial hub.  The square has some remarkable monuments like the statues of gargantuan horses, the Remembrance Arcard (with WWI,WWII and civil war victims) and the 26 -storey independence house, built in 1963.

Lekki Conservation Centre has a huge tract of of wetlands set aside for the wildlife viewing. Situated on the Lekki Peninsula, the centre has raised walkways enable you to see monkeys, crocodiles and vairous birds. Early mornig is the best ttime to visit.

Lekki/Eleko Beach is also on the Lekki Peninsula

Jankara Market is the largest market in Lagos and sells everything from tie-dyed cloth, trade beads and jewellery to pirate cassettes, pottery and clothing. There is also a fetishes market where you can buy herbs, traditional medicines and juju potions and powders.
Lagos Victoria Island and Lagos Island – some of the affulent neighbourhoods in Lagos.

What more in Nigeria??
A visit to the capital Abuja which is the federal capital city of Nigeria is also cool. This was created in 1976 and later became a capital city of Nigeria 1991.  It’s a home to most federal ministries, parastatals, embassies, international organisations and government agencies.

What can I see in Abuja | Nigeria Tourism | Nigeria Tours

Abuja stadium concept
Ecowas Secretariat:
As you may be aware that ECOWAS is located in Abuja, there is a monumental structure along Yakubu Gowon Cresent in Asokoro district of Abuja reminding you the same. Apart from that that there is Aso Rock which is considered to be the largest and tallest rock in Abuja measuring about 936 meters above sea level. This point affords you the best bird’s eye view of the city and a great mountain climbing experience. Apart from that there is Jabi Lake – a natural lake and tourist attraction in Jabi District of Abuja. It offers the closest to beach experience within the city. By the Lakeside, you can also have picnic with friends, rent a boat cruise or ride on a horse.

The Nigeria tours and travel can afford you more than this.

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