Dolphins belong to the group of animals catecea which involves animals like the whales, dolphins and porpoises.

coutesy of google

coutesy of google

Regardless of the place they live, dolphins  have to reach the floor of the ocean to breathe at various air levels.Their skin is very sensitive to any substances that could be in the water.The dolphine has got more than 100 teeth which they don’t use for chewing but use for holding fish in water and swallow.Talking about charismatic animals, dolphins are probably on the podium. Enormously popular, significantly intelligent and scientifically sophisticated, they are amidst the most beloved animals among people.

Dolphin2 Dolphins have captured the human imagination in a variety of ways. They are curious, form strong bonds within their pod, and they have been known to help their peers and people in a variety of circumstances;Like if someone dies in water dolphin can’t eat the dead body but can carry the body to the shores.If someone is is in danger in water the dolphin throws the person to the safer side so that the person does not get attacked by animals like the crocodiles and hippos.Of course dolphins are very friendly to human beings and treat them humanly.


Interestingly dolphins are the only animals who can have sex for fun  like human beings do  unlike other animals who have sex for the purposes of reproduction  only.