This endangered wild goat is found in northeastern Afghanistan and Pakistan, and is Pakistan’s national animal. When they chew their cud, foam falls from their mouths and dries on the ground, which locals seek out and harvest for anti-venom purposes. Plus, his long beard makes this guy look super old and wise.

Yeti Crab


These crazy crustaceans hang out by the cracks in the sea floor where heated, mineral-rich water flows. They’re also known as Kiwaidae. I assume that means “hairy crab” or something…

Snub-Nosed Monkey

SnubNosedMonkey_Shutterstock-685x1027The snub-nosed monkey lives in Asia in large groups of up to 600 members. They are known for their impressive vocal repertoire, calling out solo or in choral fashion. They’re also known for being so adorable that you just want to pinch their cheeks.

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